Having worked with card payment solutions, I formed a habit of noticing the POS hardware when waiting in line at the register.

Konzum (largest supermarket chain in Croatia) and IKEA Zagreb both use the same POS terminal made by the French company Ingenico. Terminal is also supplied with an optional PIN privacy shield to provide the customer with additional confidentiality.

Unlike Konzum, IKEA decided to buy the optional shield.

This might not seem like a big deal, but card frauds don’t just happen to people you read about, they are real. Retailers have the job to ensure customers feel safe when reaching for their wallet. Each time I enter my PIN at the Konzum supermarket I’m amazed at the utter lack of desire to help me keep my PIN safe. Which translates into a lack of desire to provide a pleasant store experience.

Someone at IKEA must have thought about this at some point and decided to align it with values they represent. When you walk through their store they are dedicated at making you feel at home. An essential thing home provides is feeling of safety. Simple as that.

So it leaves me wondering, did the Konzum team simply fail to consider this or did they decide the cost outweighed the love for their customers?

It’s funny how an entire set of values (or lack thereof) boils down to a tiny plastic dongle.